Quantum XPR solves business problems by making it easy to leap from traditional to transformational.  As technology futurists, we specialize in building meaningful, contextual experiences that combine storytelling, software, and hardware.

We split our time between the present and the future, with a point of view that helps our strategic roadmaps stretch between close-in business needs and cutting-edge innovation. 

 When present problems have no solution, we explore new perspectives and create new futures for our clients. It's why we talk to robots, listen to brainwaves, develop prototypes, build immersive environments, and change company cultures. 

Quantum XPR. For the future. From the future. 


The FUture Of...

We search the globe to find opportunities and insights from the bleeding edge of innovation. Our innovation-specific services include: 

  • Tech scouting

  • Category/subject matter future analysis

  • Consulting for development of internal innovation capabilities



A clear focus on future tech and its implications for society drive us to build prototypes that break molds and boundaries. In a world where technology is ubiquitous, we can help your brand take advantage of new technologies more quickly and with tangible results.

Learn more about some of our areas of expertise: 


Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. Test out theories and prototypes in context. Immerse clients in your vision of the future. Our labs and executive briefing centers open minds and expand possibilities.